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Dairy and Food Science - it does your future good

That late-night ice cream fix? It came from somewhere. That cheese on your pizza delivery? Somebody quality-checked it. The milk on your breakfast cereal? A whole lot of people got it safely from farm to jug.

Dairy is part of balanced diets worldwide. Our dairy and food science majors produce, manage and deliver it to the masses. Our majors shape the industry.

Dairy and Food Science at SDState


100% Job Placement

(That's one lucrative major.)


Starting Salaries as Much as $60,000

(That's one lucrative major.)


Fast Tracks to Leadership Positions

(That's one lucrative major.)


Ample Scholarships and Financial Aid

(That's one lucrative major.)

Careers in the Field


Dairy Plant Manager

Oversee plant operations, from machinery maintenance to product development teams to budgeting.
Dairy Manufacturing, B.S.

Research & Development

Investigate exciting new dairy products and ways to improve existing ones for nutrition and sustainability.
Dairy Manufacturing, Food Science, B.S.

Dairy Product Development

Create dairy products for consumption, taking bright new product ideas from paper to reality.
Dairy Manufacturing, B.S.

Breeding & Genetics Specialist

Research and implement methods for mapping genes and crossbreeding desired traits in cattle.
Dairy Production, B.S.

Dairy Farm Management & Nutrition

Manage dairy farms leading to production of milk under ideal nutrition and other programs.
Dairy Production, B.S.

How to Specialize

We offer dairy and food science specialties you won't see anywhere else.
Here's how the majors shake out:

Dairy Manufacturing

Learn to process high-quality, safe and diverse dairy products in an in-demand field nationwide.


Dairy Production

Learn to bring high-quality milk products to market through cattle farm management, including lactation, nutrition and breeding practices.


Food Science

Learn how new dairy products are developed, evaluated and enhanced to process the safest, most nutritious foods in the industry.

High school? Check. Future career plans? (Not so much.)



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Real-Life Success

Our alumni really go places. Here are some bright industry stars:

Jake Anderson

Position: Manufacturing Manager
Company: Bel Brands, Brookings, SD
Degree: Dairy Manufacturing, B.S.
Class of 2004

Learn About Jake

Tori Boomgaarden Gross

Position: R & D Scientist
Company: Kemps, Rochester, MN
Degree: Dairy Manufacturing, B.S.
Class of 2008

Learn About Tori

Stephanie Nussbaum

Position: Dairy Farmer
Company: Cottonwood Ridge Dairy, Garretson, SD
Degree: Dairy Production, B.S.
Class of 2011

Learn About Stephanie

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The SDState Investment

Leading dairy companies and producers have invested in SDState’s dairy science program.

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Our majors get real-world experience on real-world equipment.
And companies get first dibs on the next-level talent that results.


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